Who are we?

Many speak the legends of The Round Table’s origins, but only can its constituent parts write its future. Gamers, investors, entrepreneurs, and creators — we are the builders and the occupants of the digital underworld. Through community, intelligence, and sheer numbers, those within our ranks see their relationships, experiences and wealth leveled up like never before. We are many. We are one.

We are The Round Table!

The Problem

Web3 gaming projects need wide and sustainable participation to achieve their visions, but the space is noisy, and myriads of pitfalls create obstacles for onboarding and retaining users. The burden of educating and engaging the community is heavy for teams that need to dedicate maximum resources towards the end-product.

The Solution

Increase community engagement, educational outreach, player participation and social reach by partnering with an established community of Web3 gamers and enthusiasts that are willing to contribute their collective talents to support quality ecosystems, both in and outside the game. Community-as-a-service.

Projects We Support

What we're made of…


Project Builders

From blockchain code collectives to content creator DAOs, The Round Table is the birthplace of multiple projects innovating within our budding ecosystem. We don't just talk about the things we want to see in the future of Web3, we make them. We create value for our members through alpha investment insights, epic community events, cutting-edge GameFi economic tools and so much more. If you want to be an active participant in the innovation taking place in Web3, there's a seat at The Round Table for you.


We take our responsibility as a Guild very seriously, knowing the critical role they will play in organizing and onboarding the masses from the old web to the new through education, services and community. We form partnerships with like-minded Guilds across the space in order to increase collaboration and decrease friction for our users as they pursue their Web3 journeys. Together we can promote faster and longer-lasting progress by supporting worthy project, being true partners in their success and the success of our members.



Community Builders

By articulating a vision and delivering on our values, we continue to expand our reach and attract greater numbers. You may have already seen us chatting, talking shop or running community events in a discord near you. Join ours to be a part of the expansion and grow your Web3 network.


The personal goals within The Round Table are as diverse as our members, and our collective mission is to help each other achieve them. Whether you want to grind your way to the top in a play and earn game, take a personal deep dive through the latest protocol or simply want some friends to casually explore a new world with, The Round Table has an offer you can't refuse.




Investing in new technology is risky enough, don't walk alone in the dark. The Round Table community is an intelligence gathering machine, converting noise into alpha by taking a quality over quantity approach so you can make informed investment decisions that align with your goals and risk appetite. By earning mod roles and ambassadorships within the most innovating projects in the space such as MobLand and Azra Games, we have secured whitelist opportunities for our members. The Round Table leverages an in-house multi-sig treasury to decrease friction for investors. Participating within our discord is a good way to bootstrap your portfolio.

Our Partners